The Market at Malcolm Yards shown above, is a great place for food and drinks. It's just a short walk away!


The O’Shaughnessy Distilling Company shown above, serves both drinks and food. It's just a short walk away!


The Surly Brewry shown above, has high-quality, chef-prepared brew pub food and of course, Surly beer! It's just a short walk away!


The deli in Fresh Thyme shown above, has lots of take-out food choices!


The Workhorse Coffee Bar, shown above, serves all the barista artistry you can ask for!


Can Can Wonderland is a weird and fun place for casual food and wacky drinks. Also, you can play vintage pinball and artist-created mini golf. This insane mini golf hole was designed by Wes Winship. See it for yourself!!!

A note regarding restaruants and coffee shops:

The nearby commercial neighborhood is a vibrant and ever-changing place.

Because Bobbin House is near the University of Minnesota MPLS campus, There are always new dining options opening as others close and in fact, there are so many that we're unable to keep track of them!

We hope that our links are current but if they're not, please let us know and we'll update our list. Also, please let us know of your favorite local food discoveries. Our guest's recommendations are always welcomed!

List updated: 7/27/22

Here are links to nearby food and drink which we (and our guests) recommend. We enjoy them all! Note that most Twin Cities restaurants do have vegetarian or vegan options.

These restaurants are either within walking distance, on the GreenLine train, or are a very short drive away from Bobbin House Studio. We enjoy the food at all of them. Yes, there are many others which are just as good. These are nearby and easy to find. Note that the UofMN campus is just a few blocks away where you will find dozens of bars and restaurants which we can't even try to keep track of! This list was updated: 7/27/22

Look Below: Here Are More Choices For Food!

These places are just a bit further away than the ones listed above, but they're still nearby, and are absolutely worth a short drive. (These are the places Steve and Tom go to most often.)

Incidental Necessities, Groceries and Pharmacy